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New Strisoboard videos

A new Striso board is out in the world! This time with some extra buttons for portamento, transposing, and settings.

New Strisoboard prototype

Its new owner Leopold Solter has put some videos on his Vimeo channel of him playing with it, mostly in combination with the Axoloti, a versatile open source hardware synthesizer.

More videos of the Strisoboard can be found on  the YouTube channel of Matthew Tyas, who owns the previous version, and uses it in combination with Axoloti and ipad.

Striso prototype lost!

The latest Striso prototype got lost last weekend in Amsterdam!
If it somehow happens to be played by you (or near you) I’d love to hear about your musical adventures! Please contact me at
Please take good care of it and make a lot of music, or pass it on to someone you think deserves to be playing this magical instrument!
Namaste, Piers
Latest prototype out on the street some other time