The Striso box

The Striso box is the first instrument made with the Striso keyboard, combined with a smaller left hand keyboard for accompaniment. It is an entirely new musical instrument inspired by the way of playing of the accordion. It is intuitive to play,  has its own distinct and very versatile sound, and combines the possibilities of electronic with the experience of an acoustic instrument. It is small enough to easily take with you, and you can play everywhere you want.

The base of the Striso is a field of small yet powerful buttons that are sensitive in all directions. They let you control the subtle properties of the sound of each note independently. Additionally, you can add accents and sound effects by shaking and moving the instrument. Together this creates enormous possibilities for musical expression.

The intuitive and systematic arrangement of the buttons makes you comprehend musical patterns, as all intervals, chords and scales have the same shape in every key. This lets you play in all keys with the same ease. Read more about the note layout at DCompose note layout.

The left hand side features an auditory illusion called Perceived Pitch Height, read for more detail on that page.

The Striso is designed to keep you connected with the music you’re playing, whether you want to play lively folk melodies, complex jazz progressions, diverse world music, experimental microtonal compositions or anything else.