On this page you find some video’s to get a better idea what the Striso instruments are about.

Video made by Emil Kuijs for the Striso board Kickstarter campaign May 2020
Review by Matthew Tyas, owner of one of the first Striso board prototypes

The best way to show how attractive it is to explore the musical possibilities might be this video, where many different people, whether musician or not, explore playing the Striso for the first time.

Introduction video by Peter Kirn as featured on Create Digital Music. Also there is an article about the Striso.

Jeroen Laureyssens first encounter with the Striso at Boombalfestival 2014

The Striso board, a MPE midi controller only version of the Striso can be seen in action on the video channels of their owners Matthew Tyas and Leopold Solter. Since it doesn’t make sound it is used in combination with an external synthesizer like the Axoloti, a versatile open source hardware synthesizer.