A very musical 2020!

Finally I’ve built a new batch of Striso boards, which are on sale now. The Striso board is an expressive MIDI controller which combines multidimensionally sensitive buttons with an innovative note layout.

Previously I worked on the original Striso with an internal synthesizer and speaker, but due to technical complexity I’ve chosen to focus on the development of the Striso board. The Striso board features the same keyboard and motion sensitivity as the original Striso, but needs to be connected to an external synthesizer and speaker. For the best experience a low latency MPE synthesizer is advised. For an optimal out-of-the-box playing experience I offer an Axoloti synthesizer as a package with the Striso board, in a matching wooden case and preloaded with some Striso optimized sounds.

Curious about sounds that can be produced by the Striso board? In this video you can watch me playing it. Furthermore watch the videos of Matthew Tyas and Leopold Solter.

To order your Striso board send a message to info@striso.org with your address and whether you want an Axoloti package or just the Striso board.

Prices (excluding shipping costs):

  • The Striso board:
    • € 484,- inside the EU (incl. taxes) or 
    • $ 445,- for the rest of the world (excl. taxes)
  • Package: Striso board with Axoloti synthesizer:
    • € 605,- inside the EU (incl. taxes) or
    • $ 580,- for the rest of the world (excl. taxes).

Special last minute deal for EU citizens: Order before the end of the year, pay in January and get a 15% discount!

I offer a trial period of 30 days. If you are not happy with your Striso board for whatever reason, you can return the Striso board and get a full refund (excluding shipping costs).


The last couple of years my Striso time has been limited, as I’ve been busy setting up the ecological living community where I live now, and have become a dad in the meantime.

The last few months I’ve had time to work on a new batch of Striso boards, make a lot of improvements to the firmware, and update the website.

New Strisoboard videos

A new Striso board is out in the world! This time with some extra buttons for portamento, transposing, and settings.

New Strisoboard prototype

Its new owner Leopold Solter has put some videos on his Vimeo channel of him playing with it, mostly in combination with the Axoloti, a versatile open source hardware synthesizer.

More videos of the Strisoboard can be found on  the YouTube channel of Matthew Tyas, who owns the previous version, and uses it in combination with Axoloti and ipad.

Striso prototype lost!

The latest Striso prototype got lost last weekend in Amsterdam!
If it somehow happens to be played by you (or near you) I’d love to hear about your musical adventures! Please contact me at pierstitus@striso.org.
Please take good care of it and make a lot of music, or pass it on to someone you think deserves to be playing this magical instrument!
Namaste, Piers

Latest prototype out on the street some other time


The weekend of November 4th-5th I’ll be in Zaragoza, Spain, to demonstrate the Striso during the Radical dB showcase of new music instruments and interfaces. See the Etopia website for details (in Spanish).

New member of the Striso family

A fourth Striso prototype is added to the family! It has lots of small and big improvements, better wood, better finish, better electronics, improved sensor stability and some smaller design improvements. Also I made a flat USB controller with the same button board for use as a multitimbral Midi/OSC controller. The quality finally is getting good enough for me to start building a small series for selling or renting out to first early adopters. Please fill in the contact form if you’re interested!

Striso family
From left to right the first till fourth Striso prototype, in the middle a USB controller based on the same button field.

Music Tech Fest

This weekend I’ll be at Music Tech Fest in Berlin, so if you happen to be around and would like to play make sure you’re there! Also I’m already in Berlin the week before, so you might find me playing or developing in some park or café. Have a look at musictechfest.net

More ways to play Striso

Or at least it’s note layout. Besides the three working Striso prototypes and my modified accordion I decided to add another way to discover the beauty of the note layout: in  the shape of an overlay for the Sensel Morph, a big multitouch pressure sensitive touchpad which makes it easy to develop your own pressure sensitive instruments or other interfaces. See the Sensel blogpost.

On my side it’s not silent either, currently I’m in a big rush to build a small batch of Striso’s,  so finally possibilities for buying or renting a Striso are at the horizon. In this batch there are many seemingly small but important improvements over the last prototype. Button sensor improvements, new amplifier, stronger processor, body construction tweaks and increased overall robustness due to the completely redesigned and more integrated electronics.