MIDI Innovation Awards

The Striso board has been selected for the MIDI Innovation Awards! The judges will take the public vote into account besides their own opinion, so it’s important to let your voice be heard if you’d like the Striso board to win! You can vote from May 1st till 14th.

Kickstarter fullfillment finished

All Striso boards that were ordered through the Kickstarter campaign or pre-ordered have been shipped! Even though it took a bit more time than planned we are really happy with how it went, and even more so with the many new happy Striso board owners!

If you haven’t ordered a Striso board yet and would like to do so, now is your chance! There are a number of Striso boards from this batch left that are now available for shipping in the Striso webshop.

We’re currently optimizing the production and planning another production run for later this year, and in the meantime adding more features in the firmware. Smaller updates are posted on the forum, so keep an eye on there if you want to stay fully up to date!

Striso board Pre-orders opening!

We are excited to announce that our webshop is officially open!

You can now pre-order your Striso board to get one from the batch that will be sent directly after the Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled. This will probably be in March 2021. The quantity in this batch is limited, as it is the surplus of the Kickstarter batch, so be quick.

Order now!

Pre-orders can be canceled any time, and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee after receiving your Striso board.

Guthman Competition

The Striso has been selected as a finalist for the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition!

Every year, Georgia Tech invites musical inventors from around the world to share their creations and ideas about the future of music. Besides the winner chosen by a panel of four judges there will be a “People’s Choice” winner for which all of you can vote!

Voting doesn’t require registration, so it is very quick. There are no limits on how many instruments you can vote for. You can choose to vote for only your favorite, or all 29 instruments.

Vote now!

Or read more about the Guthman Competition.

Kickstarter successful!

The Kickstarter campaign was successful! In total €40,011 was raised to get the Striso board into production!

My focus in the next months will lie in getting the parts so I can build the 88 Striso boards that were pledged. As the Kickstarter stretch goal was made all future Striso boards will come with a TRS MIDI and pedal connector! I’m super excited to start production!

Striso board added to SoundLAB collection

The SoundLAB in Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam, is proud to have added the Striso board to the collection of instruments that are used during workshops for all ages. To encourage even more exploration of unknown musical corners I developed the “Temperament Compass”, a tool to change the tuning system during play. This makes it a great addition to it’s big brother the Fokker 31-tone organ that’s in the same venue!

As the Striso note layout is tuning invariant, it can be used with many different tunings without encountering wolf intervals. While this functionality is available in every Striso board through the config button, a dedicated knob with scale makes it much more accessible.

The wooden knob lets you select a tuning, which is identified by the size of the fifth. On the scale important tunings are written, those with pure intervals and equal octave divisions.

The Temperament Compass is made from a solid piece of wood, making it endurable to survive hundreds of children that take part in SoundLAB workshops every week.

A very musical 2020!

Finally I’ve built a small batch of Striso boards, which are on sale now. The Striso board is an expressive MIDI controller which combines multidimensionally sensitive buttons with an innovative note layout.

Previously I worked on the original Striso with an internal synthesizer and speaker, but due to technical complexity I’ve chosen to focus on the development of the Striso board. The Striso board features the same keyboard and motion sensitivity as the original Striso, but needs to be connected to an external synthesizer and speaker. For the best experience a low latency MPE synthesizer is advised. For an optimal out-of-the-box playing experience I offer an Axoloti synthesizer as a package with the Striso board, in a matching wooden case and preloaded with some Striso optimized sounds.

Curious about sounds that can be produced by the Striso board? In this video you can watch me playing it. Furthermore watch the videos of Matthew Tyas and Leopold Solter.

To order your Striso board send a message to info@striso.org with your address and whether you want an Axoloti package or just the Striso board.

Update: This offer is no longer valid. A new version with an embedded synthesizer was launched on Kickstarter.

Striso time-out

The last couple of years my Striso time has been limited, as I’ve been busy setting up the ecological living community where I live now, and have become a dad in the meantime.

The last few months I’ve had time to work on a new batch of Striso boards, make a lot of improvements to the firmware, and update the website.