The Striso duet

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The Striso duet is a very expressive music instrument which combines multidimensionally sensitive keys with an innovative note layout that helps understand the structures in music. The keys capture each subtle finger movement, which allows for levels of musical expression previously only known to acoustic instruments. Additionally, accents and sound effects can be added by shaking and moving the instrument as a whole. 

Striso duet prototype

The Striso duet is an instrument based on the Striso board, inspired by concertina, bandoneon and accordion. It consists of a wooden body on which 2 Striso boards are mounted in a way that allows you to play Striso with both hands in a comfortable way. On your lap, or hung around your neck. The Striso duet can be used as a stand-alone instrument when a small speaker (e.g. the Minirig) is fitted inside the body, or connected to your favorite synth and speakers.

The duet came into being because a Hayden duet concertina player was looking for a new, lighter instrument to play. The Striso boards are very flexible in their configuration: flipped or not, same or different octave. This allows for many creative possibilities.

Didie playing his Striso duet prototype

The Striso duet can be bought fully assembled, ready to mount your own Striso boards, or as a kit (with loose components that still need sanding and a finish). 


  • Dimensions: 20x20x21cm
  • Weight: 1300g
  • Audio output: ¼ inch jack 
  • Power/MIDI: USB-B/USB-C port (to be determined)