I want one!

Striso boards are built in small batches. If you’re interested in buying a Striso board please fill the form below.

Currently there’s a batch of Striso boards available.

To order your Striso board send a message to info@striso.org with your address and whether you want an Axoloti package or just the Striso board.
Prices (excluding shipping costs):
The Striso board:
€ 484,- inside the EU (incl. taxes) or
$ 445,- for the rest of the world (excl. taxes)
Package: Striso board with Axoloti synthesizer:
€ 605,- inside the EU (incl. taxes) or
$ 580,- for the rest of the world (excl. taxes).
Special last minute deal for EU citizens: Order before the end of the year, pay in January and get a 15% discount!
I offer a trial period of 30 days. If you are not happy with your Striso board for whatever reason, you can return the Striso board and get a full refund (excluding shipping costs).

If you’d like to try a Striso you can visit me in Angeren, the Netherlands.

The Striso is being developed by Piers Titus van der Torren. You can reach me by email at pierstitus@striso.org.